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Over the time you can notice moss, algae, liverworts and lichens growing on external surfaces such as roofs driveways, patios or steps. They are the consequence of the changeable weather and can slightly damage the surfaces that they are growing on over the time. It is important to tackle the problem at the first notice.

We offer regular or occasional services such as:

  • Moss, algae, lichen cleaning of roofs and other surfaces
  • Debris cleaning of various surfaces
  • Cladding cleaning and replacement
  • Fascias and soffits maintenance- clean, repair, install
  • Timber frames – clean, repaint, repair
  • Summer houses and sheds cleaned
  • Swimming pools and outer buildings cleaned

Roofing maintenance

We provide the inspection of your roof and identify the problem areas. We take on and carry our minor roof repairs such as water-sealing the leaks, replacing broken or missing tiles, re-pointing ridges and replacing the flat roof felts.

Our services include residential roof repairs (flat roofs, garage roofs, extension roofs, shed roofs). Our team can come and inspect the problem with the roof and recommend a solution. Often clients have leaks that are caused by missing tiles or damaged roof structures. Sometimes the extension roofs have badly installed lead work that causes the leaks to the property. This can be mended by relaying the lead or fixing the existing.

Our team carries out external roof repairs on garages, outbuildings like shed and summer houses as well. These include flats roofs and pitched roofs. Usually clients seek to replay the felt or to install new roofing structures.

Another common problem is fallen out cement on ridges and around the chimney. We offer our services to re-point the ridges, verges, gables and chimney areas

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