All Guttering offers their painting services that include the following:

  • Full surface preparation of the areas such as sanding down, priming and filling
  • Painting in undercoat, primer, and selected colour
  • Choice of painting materials such as matt, gloss, satin and other options

We have completed a great number of internal and external paintings to our clients and are proud to share our work.  Our work includes various sectors such as commercial buildings and residential properties. As every project is different and specific, we offer a detailed examination of the property, discussion of the needs and personally tailored plan for painting.

We provide the guidance with regards to the paint finishing. It is often confusing but we ensure that you are happy and clear with your choice of paint. 

Gloss paint

It comes in many forms and used for interior and exterior woodwork.

There are two types:

Solvent-based gloss (hard-wearing and designed for use on metal and wood) takes up to 24 hours to dry. Has a strong smell.

Water-based gloss has a sheen finish. It dries faster. It is considered to be more durable although brush marks are more obvious than on traditional gloss. There’s little smell.

Some Gloss paint need undercoats such as Liquid Gloss but it gives a high gloss finish and is hardwearing and resistant to dirt.  Whereas Once Gloss is a single coat paint which does not  require an undercoat if applied over an existing painted surface.

There is Satinwood durable gloss paint with a subtle mid-sheen which is hard-wearing but not as hard- wearing as traditional gloss. It is used for interior painting for durability on surfaces like skirting boards, timber window sills.

Eggshell is more matte than the gloss and trendy flash finish. It is good for interior painting, plasterboards, wood or metal surfaces.

Emulsion paint

Emulsion is water-based paint used for interior walls and ceilings, with vinyl or acrylic resins added to make the finish hardwearing.

Matt paint Gives a matt, non-shiny finish.

Satin: Gives a subtle, soft-sheen finish and is more hardwearing than vinyl matt.

Silk: Gives a high-sheen finish and is the hardest wearing of all the emulsion paints. It is good in humid areas.

Paint for specific jobs*

Primer: Oil- or water-based, this is used to seal unpainted surfaces before the top coat is applied. Use the right primer for the surface – wood, metal, plaster or tiles – or choose an all-purpose primer.

Undercoat: Usually oil-based, undercoat is applied on top of primer.

Anti-condensation: For use in humid areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, this paint is specially formulated to prevent the surface becoming cold to the touch so condensation is less likely to form.

Radiator paint: Use on central heating pipes and radiators – it will stand high temperatures without softening or discolouring.

Floor paint: Specially formulated, hard-wearing paint for wooden and concrete floors. Never paint a floor with ordinary paint – it will show signs of wear very quickly.

Polyurethane varnish: Clear varnish in a matt or shiny finish for protecting the surface of stripped wooden floors or furniture.

Melamine and mdf paint: Use to transform old kitchen unit doors or melamine-faced shelving. Just one coat is needed and will dry to a soft, satin sheen.

Limewash: A traditional, breathable finish that protects porous stone and lime-rendered surfaces, making it suitable for old walls with damp problems.

Distemper: Water-based and environmentally friendly, with a lovely soft, powdery finish. Not for areas of high traffic or condensation.

Chalk paint: Ideal for painting furniture, it should go on without undercoat or primer over any surface and can then be distressed and aged with wax.

Coloured stains: Use for ageing new wood or for bringing colour back to stripped wood.

Stain block: Permanently covers stains before repainting.

Exterior masonry paint: Textured or smooth, for painting over rendered walls, and flexible so it can expand or contract with changes in temperature. Choose one containing a fungicide to prevent algae and mould.

Shed and fence preserver: Sinks in to protect both new and old sheds and fences from the elements. Available in myriad shades.

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