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Gutter installation and maintenance

To avoid future damage to your property you should have your gutters cleaned regularly and the roof inspected at least every six months. The build up of leaves or moss can cause damage to your property by accumulating excess rainwater and resulting in the damp.

We offer the full maintenance service for your gutters. Blocked gutters can cause water flow problems, damp problems and drainage problems. We provide:

  • Internal and external thorough gutter cleaning
  • Downpipes cleaning and repair
  • Removing downpipes blockages
  • Debris and leaves removing (debris from trees and moss growth can damage your roof and gutters)
  • Gutter repairs and complete gutter replacement

Do I need to have my gutters cleaned?

Yes, if any of the following applies to your property:

  • There are trees above or very close to my property or building
  • I have birds landing on the roof leaving droppings and waste
  • I can see moss growing on the tiles or roof structure
  • I have water flowing problems in the downpipes
  • I can see water leakages from pipes
  • Pipes are overflowing

What gutters?

Deciding what gutters to have installed might be overwhelming. There is a wide range of product on the market. However, no need to panic. We can provide you with a free consultation and advice.

You can choose gutters according to your property type, your personal taste and maintenance requirements.

Gutters can be: PVC, Aluminium or Cast Iron.

PVC gutters are light, low maintenance; usually come with 10 years manufacturer’s guarantee. They can vary in colour such as black, which is the most popular, white, brown and grey. Colour choice depends on your personal taste. There is slight difference in price.

PVC gutters can be in a deep flow range, which simply means that they are deeper than standard range and can accumulate a greater amount of rain water. In addition, they come in a range of profiles like Half Round, Ogee, Oval/ Semi- Elliptical, or Square as well as in different sizes for domestic and commercial use.

Maintaining gutters

We recommend installing gutter guards to protect from leaves, moss and debris gathering and blockages.

The guards can be in a form of a grill that covers the gutter or in a shape of a brush.

Fascia boards

We recommend the installation of the fascia boards to protect the roof structure of birds entering the loft space and insects nesting. In addition, fascias are the supporting system for gutters and soffits.

Fascia boards come in various sizes and colours as well as designs. Which one to choose depends on your property roofing structure, your personal choice of colour and design. They are normally fixed to the rafters of your property with support of the soffits. The fixing would depend on the length and position of the rafters.

Another thing to consider when installing the fascia are the eaves. They can get rotten from the rainwater if not protected. This can be done by laying a special membrane over or installing rigid fascia trays. Also worth considering is the over fascia ventilation grills that allow the air circulation for your loft space.

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