Fencing and decking

Fencing and Decking

We are proud to offer a wide spectrum of services for you. Our diligent and hard working staff can carry out the job for you based on your specific requirements. We do the following:

  • Remove and dispose of the old fencing panels, posts, gravel boards, trellises and other timbers
  • Fully prepare the area for the erection of the new fence ( dig out roots of bushes and trees, etc)
  • Use your preferred and selected materials
  • Provide the option of timber or concrete structure for the installation of the new fencing
  • Install new side gates, sheds, driveway gates , internal and external doors
  • Install locks on the gates and doors
  • Hang internal and external mirrors, supports, picture frames, hanging baskets, chandeliers, and other
  • Fully remove and replace decking boards
  • Paint, varnish or stain decking or any other timbers like fence panels, window frames, sheds and garages
  • Trim hedges and maintain gardens​​

People choose to have fences put up for a variety of reasons- security, beauty or privacy.

There is wide range of fence panels that one can choose from:

  • Lap Panel Fencing is wooden screen fence. It is popular for gardens and can be painted and decorated with a different range of trellis boards
  • Close Boards Fencing panels are recommended as they are strong and durable. They come treated and made of feather edge boards that are nailed together.
  • Trellis is a fencing panel that can serve as a fencing unit or as a decorative add on.

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